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The schedule for Valorant teams in the APAC is deemed to be the busiest rendering players to have little time between events thus resulting in an outcry from teams to address the situation and the head of Valorant Esports for APAC has come out to address the issue.

The Valorant teams in the APAC will have arguably the busiest year according to the sporting almanac released by Riot. Teams were quick to point out how the sheer number of events is taking away their time to practice and prepare between tournaments much less take days off and as a result burnouts are inevitable.

The 2022 and 2023 seasons were filled to the t with events and as a result, several players complained about the lack of rest periods between events for which their performance suffered especially with three international tournaments in eight months and countless qualifiers and minor events.

The head of Valorant esports in APAC, Jake Sin in an interview revealed their plans to adjust the calendar ahead of the 2025 season following an outcry of complaints.

“Both players and league management felt that the league schedule was tight. The players also had similar thoughts about holding the competition and the league operation plan. It was a densely played season… In the case of teams that did not participate in global competitions, the problem was that the season ended early, resulting in a long break after the tight schedule. We plan to improve this problem,” he said.

With the growing number of teams and events, it will be hard to put out a schedule that sits right with all the teams. The 2024 jam-packed calendar is unlikely to undergo any alterations but Riot has promised to put out a more relaxed calendar ahead of the 2025 season.

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